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About Us

At Achiever’s Academy, we have been coaching students with engaging and easy methods of learning to achieve their best scores in School, Junior and Leaving Cert exams. Our tutors with international exposure nurture students with personalized attention helping them progress according to their pace through regular tests and doubt solving sessions that enable them to know their potential.

Meet the Team

Achiever's Academy team is highly professional and fun to learn with!



Dr. Anuja Patwardhan

Anuja is a former fully registered secondary teacher in the Irish Teaching Council. A surgeon by
education and a teacher by profession, Anuja, graduated in dental surgery and went on to do her masters in education and management. After being a science facilitator in an International Baccalaureate school, Anuja has been tutoring privately since 2014


Subjects taught – Primary and Junior Cert level Maths and Science, Leaving Cert and University level Biology.

In her spare time, Anuja likes to cook (she makes a mean Chicken Tikka Masala), go for walks with Baloo and dance.




Baloo is a giant poodle by breed but a teddy bear by heart! Born in Zagreb in Croatia on 19 th March 2021, Baloo travelled to Dublin during the pandemic to be with his forever family. Baloo is well versed to follow commands like sit, shake hands, high five, stay and dance!

Baloo during Grinds: “I like to hear all the grinds and occasionally pop my head and ears to understand a math problem. I love kids. My favorite pass time is to fetch the ball and go to the beach. I love playing with other dogs too. I enjoy curling up at the kid's feet and bring toys to them!”

In his spare time, Baloo likes to make loud noises with squeaky toys and then cuddle, sleep and snore on the couch!

Fun fact: Standard/Giant poodles are very intelligent dogs and have a high IQ. They are the second most intelligent dog breed on earth after the collie. When trained, poodles can learn and remember upto 300 or more words as compared to 165 for other dog breeds. Poodles are extremely emotionally intelligent and are especially responsive to human verbal tone and gestures, and body language making the most used breed for therapy

That’s what makes Baloo the best Mascot for Achiever’s Academy!

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-08 at 3.49.30 PM.jpeg


Vaibhav Kabra

Vaibhav is an experienced tutor with over 10 years experience with excellent references. He has 100% results with Maths, Physics, Applied Maths and HPAT as his key subjects. Vaibhav has proven results with over 30 students. Vaibhav also conducts additional accelerated lessons and mocks for better student preparedness. Vaibhav has a Masters with H1 in Math and is a National Mathematics and Astronomy Olympiad Finalist. His GMAT score is 740/800 - 99% in Maths.

Subjects taught: Leaving Cert level Maths, Applied Maths and Physics, University level Maths and Physics

In his spare time, Vaibhav does magic! He is an aspiring magician and plays poker. Entertainment during lectures guaranteed!

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